Publications authored by Michael I. Bird

Coastal response to Holocene Sea-level change: A case study from Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam D. Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Chris Gouramanis, Michael I. Bird, & Yama Dixit
11/2023 Marine Geology 465

A new Holocene sea-level record for Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Huixian Chen, Margaret Christie, Michael I. Bird, et al.
2021 The Holocene

A new Quaternary stratigraphy of the Kallang River Basin, Singapore: Implications for urban development and geotechnical engineering in Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Cassandra Rowe, Kiefer Chiam, Michael I. Bird, et al.
07/2020 Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

Data Descriptor: Daily observations of stable isotope ratios of rainfall in the tropics

Niels C. Munksgaard, Costjin Zwart, Dagnachew L. Balachew, Didier Gastmans, Germain Esquivel-Hernandez, He Shaoneng, et al.
10/2019 Scientific Reports 9

The Sediments Deposited by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami along the Malaysia-Thailand Peninsula

Andrea D. Hawkes, Aileen Shau-Hwai Tan, Benjamin P. Horton, Carl Grundy-Warr, Colin Macgregor, Jin Eong Ong, et al.
08/2007 Marine Geology 242 1-3

Environmental and socio-economic dynamics of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Penang, Malaysia.

Benjamin P. Horton, Aileen Shau-Hwai Tan, Andrea D. Hawkes, Colin Macgregor, Jin Eong Ong, Lisa Law, et al.
11/2008 Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 29 3

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