Publications authored by Oo Than

GNSS characterization of hydrological loading in South and Southeast Asia

Kathryn Materna, AKM Khorshed Alam, Aktarul Ahsan, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, Kyaw Moe Oo, et al.
10/2020 Geophysical Journal International

Upper-plate splay fault earthquakes along the Arakan subduction belt recorded by uplifted coral microatolls on northern Ramree Island, western Myanmar (Burma)

J Bruce H. Shyu, Chuan-Chou Shen, Chung-Che Wang, Hong-Wei Chiang, Lin Thu Aung, Oo Than, et al.
02/2018 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 484

Permanent upper plate deformation in western Myanmar during the great 1762 earthquake: Implications for neotectonic behavior of the northern Sunda megathrust

Yu Wang, Chuan-Chou Shen, Chung-Che Wang, Hong-Wei Chiang, J Bruce H. Shyu, Kerry Sieh, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 118

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