Publications authored by Patrick Daly

Fluvial and coastal landform changes in the Aceh River delta (northern Sumatra) during the century leading to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Stoil Chapkanski, Adam Switzer, Annika Steuer, Benjamin P. Horton, Bernhard Siemon, Camille Tricot, et al.
2022 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

The Maldives Heritage Survey

R M. Feener, Ahmad Zaki, Fathimath Maasa, Gabriel Clark, Hala Bakheit, Ibrahim Mujah, et al.
2021 Antiquity 85 318

'Cyclone Not Above Politics' : East Pakistan, disaster politics, and the 1970 Bhola Cyclone

Sravani Biswas, & Patrick Daly
07/2021 Modern Asian Studies 55 4

Islamisation and the Formation of Vernacular Muslim Material Culture in 15th-Century Northern Sumatra

R Michael Feener, Edwards McKinnon, Jessica Rahardjo, Kerry Sieh, Luca E.C. Lum, Nazli Ismail, et al.
02/2021 Indonesia and the Malay World

Paleo-tsunami research along the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia: Science in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nazli Ismail, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Patrick Daly, & Tomi Afrizal
12/2020 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

The impact of Ming and Qing dynasty maritime bans on trade ceramics recovered from coastal settlements in northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Yew Seng Tai, Andrew C. Parnell, Edmund Edwards McKinnon, Jedrzej M. Majewski, Kerry Sieh, Michael Feener, et al.
2020 Archaeological Research in Asia 21

Perulangan tsunami yang sangat bervariasi dalam 7400 tahun sebelum Tsunami Samudera Hindia 2004

Charles Martin Rubin, Andrew C. Parnell, Benjamin P. Horton, Jessica E. Pilarczyk, Kerry Sieh, Nazli Ismail, et al.
2017 Nature Communications

Socio-economic consequences of post-disaster reconstruction in hazard-exposed areas

Jamie W. McCaughey, Anthony Patt, Ibnu Mundir, Patrick Daly, & Saiful Mahdi
01/2018 Nature Sustainability 1

Trust and distrust of tsunami vertical evacuation buildings: Extending protection motivation theory to examine choices under social influence

Jamie W. McCaughey, Anthony Patt, Ibnu Mundir, Patrick Daly, & Saiful Mahdi
09/2017 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 24

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