Publications authored by Ping Tong

Complex Patterns of Past and Ongoing Crustal Deformations in Southern California Revealed by Seismic Azimuthal Anisotropy

Shucheng Wu, Chengxin Jiang, Ping Tong, & Vera Schulte-Pelkum
2022 Geophysical Research Letters 49 15

Adjoint traveltime tomography unravels a scenario of horizontal mantle flow beneath the North China craton

Xingpeng Dong, Dinghui Yang, Fenglin Niu, Ping Tong, & Shaolin Liu
2021 Scientific Reports 11

Adjoint tomography of ambient noise data and teleseismic P waves: methodology and applications to central California

Kai Wang, Chengxin Jiang, Ping Tong, Qinya Liu, Tianshi Liu, Yi Wang, et al.
2021 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 6

Seismic responses to an earthquake source in stratified transversely isotropic porous media

Junhua Sun, Ping Tong, Shuwei Geng, Wei Wang, Xiao He, & Yongxin Gao
2021 Geophysical Prospecting 69 6

Full‐Waveform Inversion of High‐Frequency Teleseismic Body Waves Based on Multiple Plane‐Wave Incidence: Methods and Practical Applications

Kai Wang, Ping Tong, Qinya Liu, Xin Song, Yi Wang, & Yingjie Yang
2021 Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Crustal and Uppermost Mantle Heterogeneities Across the Ailaoshan Red River Shear Zone, SE Tibet: Implications for Cenozoic Magmatic Activity

Mijian Xu, Cunrui Han, Dayong Yu, Ping Tong, Shijie Hao, Youyi Ruan, et al.
2022 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127 6

Elongated Magma Plumbing System Beneath the Coso Volcanic Field, California, Constrained by Seismic Reflection Tomography

Dongdong Wang, Ping Tong, Shucheng Wu, Tianjue Li, & Yongxin Gao
2022 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127 6

Imaging the Upper 10 km Crustal Shear‐Wave Velocity Structure of Central Myanmar via a Joint Inversion of P‐Wave Polarizations and Receiver Functions

Jiayuan Yao, Judith Hubbard, Myo Thant, Ping Tong, Shucheng Wu, Tianjue Li, et al.
2022 Seismological Research Letters 93 9

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