Publications authored by Rafael Almeida

Oblique Thrusting and Strain Partitioning in the Longmen Shan Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Zhigang Li, Chuang Sun, Dong Jia, Judith Hubbard, Peizhen Zhang, Rafael Almeida, et al.
05/2018 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 8

Structural Control on Downdip Locking Extent of the Himalayan Megathrust

Eric Lindsey, Emma M. Hill, Judith Hubbard, Kyle E. Bradley, Louisa Tsang, Rafael Almeida, et al.
06/2018 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 6

Geodetic Constraints of the 2017 M(w)7.3 Sarpol Zahab, Iran Earthquake, and Its Implications on the Structure and Mechanics of the Northwest Zagros Thrust-Fold Belt

Wanpeng Feng, Ali Yassaghi, Junhua Li, Peng Li, Qiang Qiu, Rafael Almeida, et al.
07/2018 Geophysical Research Letters 45 14

A 3-D Shear Wave Velocity Model for Myanmar Region

Xin Wang, Anna Foster, Bor-Shouh Huang, Judith Hubbard, Kyaw Moe Oo, Paramesh Banerjee, et al.
01/2019 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 124

Source characteristics of the 2015 M-w 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake and its M-w 7.2 aftershock from space geodesy

Wanpeng Feng, Eric Lindsey, Jiajun Chen, Keren Dai, Peng Li, Rafael Almeida, et al.
08/2017 Tectonophysics 712

Re-evaluating seismic hazard along the southern Longmen Shan, China: Insights from the 1970 Dayi and 2013 Lushan earthquakes

Zhigang Li, Chuang Sun, Guixi Yi, Judith Hubbard, Liu-Ze Jing, & Rafael Almeida
10/2017 Tectonophysics 717

The effects of core-reflected waves on finite fault inversions with teleseismic body wave data

Yunyi Qian, Han Zhang, Rafael Almeida, Shengji Wei, & Sidao Ni
11/2017 Geophysical Journal International 211 2

Structural segmentation controlled the 2015 M-w 7.8 Gorkha earthquake rupture in Nepal

Judith Hubbard, Anna Foster, Paul Tapponnier, Paula Burgi, Rafael Almeida, & Soma N. Sapkota
08/2016 Geology 44 8

Enhanced stress and changes to regional seismicity due to the 2015 M-w 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake on the neighbouring segments of the Main Himalayan Thrust

Chung-Han Chan, R B S Yadav, Rafael Almeida, & Yu Wang
01/2017 Journal of Asian Sciences 133 Special Issue

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