Publications authored by Sang-Ho Yun

The 2021 MW 6.2 Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia earthquake: partial rupture of the Makassar Strait thrust

Irwan Meilano, Cheryl Tay, Hasbi Ash Shiddiqi, Karen Lythgoe, Kyle Bradley, Pepen Supendi, et al.
12/2022 Geophysical Journal International 233 3

Challenges and Prospects to Time Series Burst Overlap Interferometry (BOI): Some Insights From a New BOI Algorithm Test Over the Chaman Fault

Zhang-Feng Ma, Ji-Hong Liu, Nan-Xin Wang, Qi-Huan Huang; Teng Huang, Sang-Ho Yun, Sheng-ji Wei, et al.
2021 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 60

The Global Surface Area Variations of Lakes and Reservoirs as Seen From Satellite Remote Sensing

Matthew Bonnema, Catalina Oaida, Cédric H. David, Renato Prata de Moraes Frasson, & Sang-Ho Yun
2022 Geophysical Research Letters 49 15

Flood Proxy Mapping with Normalized Difference Sigma-Naught Index and Shannon’s Entropy

Noel Ivan Ulloa, Sang-Ho Yun, & Shou-Hao Chiang
04/2020 Remote Sensing 12 9

Remote sensing of volcanic impacts

Sébastien Biass, David Lallemant, George T. Williams, Sang-Ho Yun, Susanna F. Jenkins, & Tian Ning Lim
10/2020 Forecasting and Planning for Volcanic Hazards, Risks, and Disasters

Local rainfall or river overflow? Re-evaluating the cause of the Great 2011 Thailand flood

Huu Loc Ho, Detchpol Chitwatkulsiri, Do Minh Phuong, Edward Park, Jana Lim, Luksanaree Maneechot, et al.
10/2020 Journal of Hydrology 589

Deep Learning-Based Damage Mapping With InSAR Coherence Time Series

Oliver L. Stephenson, Brent E. Cahill, Eric Zhan, Mark Simons, Sang-Ho Yun, Tobias Köhne, et al.
2021 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 6

Dam failure and a catastrophic flood in the Mekong basin (Bolaven Plateau), southern Laos, 2018

Edgardo Latrubesse, Edward Park, Kerry Sieh, Sang-Ho Yun, Thanh Dang, & Yunung Nina Lin
04/2021 Geomorphology 362

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