Publications authored by Steve H. L. Yim

Regime-Dependent Impacts of Aerosol Particles and Updrafts on the Cloud Condensation Nuclei and the Enhanced Warm Rain Suppression: Evidence From Synergistic Satellite and LiDAR Observations

Tao Huang, Daniel Rosenfeld, David H. Y. Lam, Harry F. Lee, Jack C. H. Cheng, Steve H. L. Yim, et al.
2022 Geophysical Research Letters 49 3

Field Evaluation and Calibration of Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors for Environmental Exposure Research

Jianwei Huang, Changda Yu, Jiannan Cai, Mei-Po Kwan, Steve H. L. Yim, Wanying Song, et al.
2022 Sensors 22 6

Suppression of Ozone Formation at High Temperature in China: From Historical Observations to Future Projections

Guicai Ning, David A. Wardle, & Steve H. L. Yim
2022 Geophysical Research Letters 49 4

Effects of ozone-vegetation interactions on meteorology and air quality in China using a two-way coupled land-atmosphere model

Jiachen Zhu, Amos P. K. Tai, & Steve H. L. Yim
2022 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22 2

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