Publications authored by Tarsilo Girona

Editorial: Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Lauriane Chardot, Nico Fournier, Tarsilo Girona, & Yosuke Aoki
2020 Frontiers In Earth Science 8

Change in seismic attenuation as a long-term precursor of gas-driven eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Benoit Taisne, Hendra Gunawan, Kasbani, Kristianto, & Tarsilo Girona
05/2019 Geology 47 7

Linking repose, intrusion and unrest times at openly degassing volcanoes

Fidel Costa, Dawn C.S. Ruth, & Tarsilo Girona
11/2016 Cities on Volcanoes

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