Publications authored by Thomas M. Wilson

From anecdotes to quantification: advances in characterizing volcanic eruption impacts on the built environment

Natalia I. Deligne, Alana M. Weir, Ben M. Kennedy, Carol Stewart, Christina R. Magill, Costanza Bonadonna, et al.
2022 Bulletin of Volcanology 84

Assessing urban disaster waste management requirements after volcanic eruptions

Josh L. Hayes, Charlotte Brown, Graham S. Leonard, Jim Cole, Natalia I. Delign, & Thomas M. Wilson
11/2020 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Tephra cushioning of ballistic impacts: Quantifying building vulnerability through pneumatic cannon experiments and multiple fragility curve fitting approaches

George T. Williams, Allan Scott, Ben M. Kennedy, David Lallemant, Nicole Allen, Susann F. Jenkins, et al.
12/2019 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 388

Timber-framed building damage from tephra fall and lahar: 2015 Calbuco eruption, Chile

Josh L. Hayes, Ame M. McSporran, George T. Williams, Graham S. Leonard, Natalia I. Deligne, Rodrigo Calderón, et al.
2019 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 347

Estimating Building Vulnerability to Volcanic Ash Fall for Insurance Purposes

Russell James Blong, Christina R. Magill, Jessica Kandlbauer, K McMullan, Paul Grasso, Susanna F. Jenkins, et al.
2017 Journal of Applied Volcanology 6 2

Volcanic risk assessment: Quantifying physical vulnerability in the built environment

Susanna F. Jenkins, Joao F.B.D. Fonseca, Renato U. Solidum, Robin J.S. Spence, & Thomas M. Wilson
04/2014 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 276

Volcanic ash fall hazard and risk, United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk, 2015 Global Assessment Report

Susanna F. Jenkins, Carol Stewart, Christina R. Magill, Thomas M. Wilson, & V Miller

Volcanic ash fall hazard and risk

Susanna F. Jenkins, Ana Cristina Costa, Carol Stewart, Christina R. Magill, Costanza Bonadonna, Mike Boulton, et al.
Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk

Agricultural impact assessment and management after three widespread tephra falls in Patagonia, South America

Heather Craig, Carol Stewart, Gustavo Villarosa, Shane Cronin, Susanna F. Jenkins, Thomas M. Wilson, et al.
2016 Natural Hazards 82

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