Publications authored by Tieh-Yong Koh

Selected Years of Monsoon Variations and Extratropical Dry-Air Intrusions Compared with the Sumatran GPS Array Observations in Indonesia

Lujia Feng, Emma M. Hill, Tengfei Zhang, & Tieh-Yong Koh
2021 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 99 2

Statistical Evidence for Asymmetry in ENSO-IOD Interactions

Kartika Lestari, & Tieh-Yong Koh
12/2016 Atmosphere-Ocean 54 5

Multi-scale interactions in a high-resolution tropical-belt experiment and observations

Ricardo Fonseca, Chee-Kiat Teo, & Tieh-Yong Koh
07/2018 Climate Dynamics 52

Improved Simulation of Precipitation in the Tropics using a Modified BMJ Scheme in WRF Model

Ricardo M. Fonseca, Tieh-Yong Koh, & Tongshuang Zhang
09/2015 Geoscientific Model Development Discussions 8

Isentropic primitive equations for themoist troposphere

Shih-Yu Lee, & Tieh-Yong Koh
10/2014 Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society 140 685

Effects of the cold tongue in the South China Sea on the monsoon, diurnal cycle and rainfall in the Maritime Continent

Shunya Koseki, Chee-Kiat Teo, & Tieh-Yong Koh
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 139

Principal Component Analysis of Observed and Modeled Diurnal Rainfall in the Maritime Continent

Chee-Kiat Teo, Bhuwan Chandra Bhatt, Jeff C.F. Lo, & Tieh-Yong Koh
Journal of Climate 24

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