Publications authored by Tina Dura

The giant 1960 tsunami in the context of a 6000-year record of paleotsunamis and coastal evolution in south-central Chile

Pedro I. Matos-Llavona, Alan R. Nelson, Alexander Dolcimascolo, Benjamin P. Horton, Breanyn MacInnes, Daniel Melnick, et al.
2022 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Diatoms of the intertidal environments of Willapa Bay, Washington, USA as a sea-level indicator

Isabel Hong, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Jason S. Padgett, Robert J O'Donnell III, Simon E. Engelhart, et al.
2021 Marine Micropaleontology 167

A further source of Tokyo earthquakes and Pacific Ocean tsunamis

Jessica E. Pilarczyk, Andrew C. Parnell, Benjamin P. Horton, Christopher H. Vane, Dan Matsumoto, Koichiro Tanigawa, et al.
2021 Nature Geoscience

Stratigraphic evidence of two historical tsunamis on the semi-arid coast of north-central Chile

Jessica M. DePaolis, Benjamin C. Gill, Benjamin P. Horton, Breanyn MacInnes, Cyntia Mizobe, Gino Figueroa, et al.
08/2021 Quaternary Science Reviews 266

Identifying the Greatest Earthquakes of the Past 2000 Years at the Nehalem River Estuary, Northern Oregon Coast, USA

Alan R. Nelson, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Lee-Ann Bradley, Niamh Cahill, Rob Witter, et al.
2020 Open Quaternary 6 1

Constraining sediment provenance for tsunami deposits using distributions of grain size and foraminifera from the Kujukuri coastline and shelf, Japan

Jessica E. Pilarczyk, Benjamin P. Horton, Christos Gouramanis, Dan Matsumoto, Ken Ikehara, Naohisa Nishida, et al.
04/2020 Sedimentology 67 3

Microfossils from coastal environments as indicators of paleoearthquakes, tsunamis, and storm

Jessica E. Pilarczyk, Andrew C. Kemp, Benjamin P. Horton, Simon E. Engelhart, Tina Dura, & Yuki Sawai
11/2014 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 413

A 600-year-long stratigraphic record of high tsunamis in south-central Chile

Isabel Hong, Alan R. Nelson, Benjamin P. Horton, Daria L. Nikitina, Lisa L. Ely, Marco Cisternas, et al.
06/2016 Holocene 27 1

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