Publications authored by Yama Dixit

Coastal response to Holocene Sea-level change: A case study from Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam D. Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Chris Gouramanis, Michael I. Bird, & Yama Dixit
11/2023 Marine Geology 465

Organic matter isotopes reveal enhanced rainfall activity in Northwestern Mediterranean borderland during warm substages of the last 200 kyr

Virgil Pasquiera, Marina Rabineau, Pierre Sansjofre, Samuel Toucanne, Sidonie Revillon, Yama Dixit, et al.
02/2019 Quaternary Science Reviews 205

Abrupt climate change and the decline of Indus urbanism

D A. Hodell, C A. Petrie, & Yama Dixit
12/2012 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Constraining the outflow of the Amazon River for the past ~40ka using Ba/Ca

J Dix, A Tripati, F Chang, R Dill, W Doss, & Yama Dixit
10/2017 Geological Society of America

Adaptation to variable environments, resilience to climate change: investigating Land, Water and Settlement in Indus northwest India.

Cameron A. Petrie, Arun K. Pandey, Carla Lancelotti, Charly A.I. French, Danika Parikh, David A. Hodell, et al.
01/2017 Current Anthropology 58 1

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