Publications authored by Yu Wang

Active Faults Revealed and New Constraints on Their Seismogenic Depth from a High‐Resolution Regional Focal Mechanism Catalog in Myanmar (2016–2021)

Wardah Fadil, Bor-Shouh Huang, Eric Sandvol, Judith Habbard, Myo Thant, Shengji Wei, et al.
01/2023 Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 113 2

Olivine in picrites from continental flood basalt provinces classified using machine learning

Lilu Cheng, Yu Wang, & Zongfeng Yang
2022 American Mineralogist 107 6

Imaging the Upper 10 km Crustal Shear‐Wave Velocity Structure of Central Myanmar via a Joint Inversion of P‐Wave Polarizations and Receiver Functions

Jiayuan Yao, Judith Hubbard, Myo Thant, Ping Tong, Shucheng Wu, Tianjue Li, et al.
2022 Seismological Research Letters 93 9

The 2020 Hpakant Jade Mine Disaster, Myanmar: A multi-sensor investigation for slope failure

Nina Y. Lin, Edward Park, Enner Alcantara, Huu Loc Ho, Jana Lim, Yu Pin Quek, et al.
2021 ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 177

New insights into the structural heterogeneity and geodynamics of the Indo-Burma subduction zone from ambient noise tomography

Shucheng Wu, Jiayuan Yao, Judith Hubbard, Kai Wang, Myo Thant, Ping Tong, et al.
2021 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 562

The January 11, 2018, Mw 6.0 Bago-Yoma, Myanmar Earthquake: A Shallow Thrust Event Within the Deforming Bago-Yoma Range

Wardah Fadil, Eric O. Lindsey, Heng Luo, Pa Pa Tun, Phyo Maung Maung, Shengji Wei, et al.
07/2021 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 7

Probabilistic seismic hazard assessments for Northern Southeast Asia (Indochina): Smooth seismicity approach

Teraphan Ornthammarath, Chung-Han Chan, Le Minh Nguyen, Myo Thant, Pennung Warnitchai, Phuong H. Nguyen, et al.
07/2020 Earthquake Spectra 36 1

Triple junction kinematics accounts for the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake rupture complexity

Xuhua Shi, Liqing Jiao, Paul Tapponnier, Shengji Wei, Teng Wang, Xin Wang, et al.
12/2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 52

The 1922 Peninsula Malaysia Earthquakes: Rare Intraplate Seismicity within the Sundaland Block in Southeast Asia

Stacey S. Martin, Shengji Wei, & Yu Wang
09/2020 Seismological Research Letters 91 5

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