Publications authored by Zhenhua Huang

An Experimental Study of Tsunami Amplification by a Coastal Cliff

Shawn Y. Sim, & Zhenhua Huang
05/2016 Journal of Coastal Research 32 3

A Preliminary Laboratory Study of Motion of Floating Debris Generated by Solitary Waves Running up a Beach

Yao Yao, Edmond Y.M. Lo, Hung-Tao Shen, & Zhenhua Huang
Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami 8 3

Tsunami-induced scour at coastal roadways: a laboratory study

Jie Chen, Bin Deng, Changbo Jiang, Yuannan Long, & Zhenhua Huang
Natural Hazards 69

User driven science: earthquake and tsunami scenarios for Mentawai Islands, western Sumatra

Jamie W. McCaughey, Ashar Mele Lubis, Danny H. Natawidjaja, Emma M. Hill, Qiang Qiu, & Zhenhua Huang
AGU Fall Meeting

Earthquake and tsunami hazard in West Sumatra: integrating science, outreach, and local stakeholder needs

Jamie W. McCaughey, Emma M. Hill, Susan Eriksson, Y Yu, & Zhenhua Huang
EGU General Assembly

Numerical simulations of tsunami inundation for the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia - a scenario study using high resolution topographic data

Yu Yao, Ashar Mele Lubis, Emma M. Hill, Jamie W. McCaughey, Linlin Li, & Zhenhua Huang
AOGS-AGU Joint Assembly

Partnerships for outreach: earthquake and tsunami hazard in West Sumatra

Jamie W. McCaughey, Ashar Mele Lubis, B Sinaga, Danny H. Natawidjaja, Emma M. Hill, P R Dewi, et al.
AOGS-AGU Joint Assembly

Effect of air release height on the formation of sediment thermals in water

Bing Zhao, Adrian Wing-Keung Law, Dongdong Shao, E Eric Adams, & Zhenhua Huang
2012/10/01 Journal of Hydraulic Research 50

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