Publications authored by Adam Switzer

A comparative study of the 2013 typhoon Haiyan overwash sediments from a coastal cave and beach system at Salcedo, Eastern Samar, central Philippines

Adam Switzer, Janneli Lea A. Soria, Raquel P. Felix, & Timothy A. Shaw
01/2020 Marine Geology 419

Preparing for coastal change.

Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Craig R. Sloss, & Yongqiang Zong
10/2012 Quaternary Science Reviews 54

Integrating different records to assess coastal hazards at multicentury timescales

Adam Switzer, Chris Gouramanis, Fengling Yu, Janneli L.A. Soria, & Tien Dat Pham
Journal of Coastal Research 70

Competing mechanisms for boulder deposition on the southeast Australian coast

Adam Switzer, & Joanna M. Burston
Geomorphology 114

Measuring and analyzing particle size in a geomorphic context

Adam Switzer
2013 Treatise on Geomorphology 14

Sea level, storm, or tsunami: Enigmatic sand sheet deposits in a sheltered coastal embayment from southeastern New South Wales, Australia

Adam Switzer, Brian G. Jones, Edward A. Bryant, Kevin Pucillo, & Rabea A. Haredy
Jul Journal of Coastal ResearchJournal of Coastal Research 21

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