Publications authored by Benoit Taisne

Tatun volcano and Volcanic hazard mitigation Monitoring and hazard management

Benoit Taisne
10/2019 Asian Consortium of Volcanology

Ground vs Space, when are we blind, and when are we deaf?

Benoit Taisne, A Le Pichon, Corentin Caudron, Milton Garces, & Patrick Whelley
04/2014 European Geosciences Union General Assembly

On the use of an infrasonic array at Singapore for volcanoes monitoring

Benoit Taisne, A Le Pichon, Chris Newhall, & Patrick Whelley
04/2012 European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Atmospheric Controls on Ground- and Space-Based Remote Detection of Volcanic Ash Injection into the Atmosphere, and Link to Early Warning Systems for Aviation Hazard Mitigation

Benoit Taisne, Anna Perttu, Corentin Caudron, Dorianne Tailpied, & Luca Simonini
2018 Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies

Magma Expansion and Fragmentation in a Propagating Dyke,

Benoit Taisne, & Claude Jaupart
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 301

Conditions for the arrest of a vertical propagating dyke

Benoit Taisne, Claude Jaupart, & Steve Tait
Mar Bulletin of Volcanology 73

Effect of solidification on a propagating dike

Benoit Taisne, & Steve Tait
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 116

Imaging the dynamics of magma propagation using radiated seismic intensity

Benoit Taisne, Florent Brenguier, Nikolai M. Shapiro, & Valerie Ferrazzini
02/2011 Geophysical Research Letters 38

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