Publications authored by Corentin Caudron

On the use of remote infrasound and seismic stations to constrain eruptive sequences

Corentin Caudron, Benoit Taisne, & Milton Garces
12/2014 Eos Transactions, American Geophysical Union 95 52

Atmospheric control on ground and space based early warning system for hazard linked to ash injection into the atmosphere

Corentin Caudron, A Le Pichon, Benoit Taisne, Milton Garces, & Patrick Whelley
04/2014 European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Editorial: Towards Improved Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Lauriane Chardot, Nico Fournier, Tarsilo Girona, & Yosuke Aoki
2020 Frontiers In Earth Science 8

Infrasound and seismic detections associated with the 7 September 2015 Bangkok fireball

Corentin Caudron, Anna Perttu, Benoit Taisne, Elizabeth A. Silber, Milton Garces, & Pierrick Mialle
09/2016 Geoscience Letters 3

Change in seismic attenuation as a long-term precursor of gas-driven eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Benoit Taisne, Hendra Gunawan, Kasbani, Kristianto, & Tarsilo Girona
05/2019 Geology 47 7

Anatomy of phreatic eruptions

Corentin Caudron, Arthur D. Jolly, Benoit Taisne, Bruce Christenson, Devy Syahbana, Gede Suantika, et al.
10/2018 Earth Planets and Space 70

Stress and mass changes at a "wet" volcano: Example during the 2011-2012 volcanic unrest at Kawah Ijen volcano (Indonesia)

Corentin Caudron, Alain Bernard, Arnaud Watlet, Devy Kamil Syahbana, Thierry Camelbeeck, Thomas Lecocq, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth 120 7

On the use of remote infrasound and seismic stations to constrain the eruptive sequence and intensity for the 2014 Kelud eruption

Corentin Caudron, Alexis Le Pichon, Benoit Taisne, & Pierrick Mialle
Geophysical Research Letters 43 16

Magma migration at the onset of the 2012-13 Tolbachik eruption revealed by Seismic Amplitude Ratio Analysis

Corentin Caudron, Benoit Taisne, Vadim Saltykov, & Yulia Kugaenko
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 307 SI

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