Publications authored by Fidel Costa

Clocks in Magmatic Rocks

Fidel Costa
12/2020 Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Data from past eruptions could reduce future volcano hazards

Fidel Costa, Christina Widiwijayanti, & Hanik Humaida
03/2019 Eos 100

WOVOdat – the global volcano unrest database aimed at improving eruption forecasts

Fidel Costa, Chris Newhall, Christina Widiwijayanti, Erickson Fajiculay, Tania Espinosa-Ortega, & Thin Zar Win Nang
11/2019 Disaster Prevention and Management 28 6

Diffusion chronometry and the timescales of magmatic processes

Fidel Costa, T Shea, & T Ubide
04/2020 Nature Reviews Earth and Environment

Linking repose, intrusion and unrest times at openly degassing volcanoes

Fidel Costa, Dawn C.S. Ruth, & Tarsilo Girona
11/2016 Cities on Volcanoes

Understanding the monotonous life of open vent mafic volcanoes

Fidel Costa, Danikko John V. Rivera, Dawn C.S. Ruth, & M Bornas
12/2016 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Time Scales of Magmatic Processes from Modeling the Zoning Patterns of Crystals

Fidel Costa, Ralf Dohmen, & Sumit Chakraborty
January 1, 2008 Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 69

Chapter 1 Residence Times of Silicic Magmas Associated with Calderas

Fidel Costa
Developments in Volcanology Volume 10

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