Publications authored by Isabel Hong

Diatoms of the intertidal environments of Willapa Bay, Washington, USA as a sea-level indicator

Isabel Hong, Andrea D. Hawkes, Benjamin P. Horton, Jason S. Padgett, Robert J O'Donnell III, Simon E. Engelhart, et al.
2021 Marine Micropaleontology 167

Sedimentological characteristics of the 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam overwash sediments from Vanuatu, South Pacific

Isabel Hong, Allan Rarai, Benjamin P. Horton, Clayton Dike, Davin J. Wallace, Fred R. Jockley, et al.
02/2018 Marine Geology 396 Special Issue

A 600-year-long stratigraphic record of high tsunamis in south-central Chile

Isabel Hong, Alan R. Nelson, Benjamin P. Horton, Daria L. Nikitina, Lisa L. Ely, Marco Cisternas, et al.
06/2016 Holocene 27 1

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