Publications authored by Josh L. Hayes

Large Uncertainties Are Pervasive in Long-Term Frequency-Magnitude Relationships for Volcanoes in Southeast Asia

Josh L. Hayes, Mathis Joffrain, & Susanna Jenkins
2022 Frontiers in Earth Science

Assessing urban disaster waste management requirements after volcanic eruptions

Josh L. Hayes, Charlotte Brown, Graham S. Leonard, Jim Cole, Natalia I. Delign, & Thomas M. Wilson
11/2020 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Timber-framed building damage from tephra fall and lahar: 2015 Calbuco eruption, Chile

Josh L. Hayes, Ame M. McSporran, George T. Williams, Graham S. Leonard, Natalia I. Deligne, Rodrigo Calderón, et al.
2019 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 347

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