Publications authored by Karen H. Lythgoe

On waveform correlation measurement uncertainty with implications for temporal changes in inner core seismic waves

Karen H. Lythgoe, Jiayuan Yao, & Maria I. Inggrid
12/2020 Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 309

Thermal squeezing of the seismogenic zone controlled rupture of the volcano-rooted Flores Thrust

Karen H. Lythgoe, Andri Dian Nugraha, Kyle Bradley, Shengji Wei, Sri Widiyantoro, Teng Wang, et al.
01/2021 Science Advances 7 5

Earthʼs inner core: Innermost inner core or hemispherical variations?

Karen H. Lythgoe, Arwen Deuss, Jerome A. Neufeld, & John F. Rudge
01/2014 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 385

The feasibility of thermal and compositional convection in Earth's inner core

Karen H. Lythgoe, Arwen Deuss, Jerome A. Neufeld, & John F. Rudge
05/2015 Geophysical Journal International 201

The existence of radial anisotropy in Earth's upper inner core revealed from seismic normal mode observations

Karen H. Lythgoe, & Arwen Deuss
06/2015 Geophysical Research Letters 42 12

Seismic event detection in urban Singapore using a nodal array and frequency domain array detector: earthquakes, blasts and thunderquakes

Karen H. Lythgoe, Aidan Loasby, Dannie Hidayat, & Shengji Wei
04/2021 Geophysical Journal International

Large-scale crustal structure beneath Singapore using receiver functions from a dense urban nodal array

Karen H. Lythgoe, Miranda S.Q. Ong, & Shengji Wei
03/2020 Geophysical Research Letters 47 7

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