Publications authored by Molly A. Moynihan

Crystal orientation mapping and microindentation reveal anisotropy in Porites skeletons

Molly A. Moynihan, Ali Miserez, J.Q. Isaiah Chua, Jani T. I. Tanzil, Jeffrey Oalmann, Nathalie F. Goodkin, et al.
10/2022 ACTA Biomaterialia 151

Coral-associated nitrogen fixation rates and diazotrophic diversity on a nutrient-replete equatorial reef

Molly A. Moynihan, Adriana Lopes dos Santos, David M. Baker, Federico M. Lauro, Kyle M. Morgan, Nathalie F. Goodkin, et al.
07/2021 ISME Journal

Environmental impact on the mechanical properties of Porites spp. corals

Molly A. Moynihan, Ali Miserez, Daniela N. Schmidt, Gareth N. Fabbro, J Q.I. Chua, Jani T.I. Tanzil, et al.
03/2021 Coral Reefs

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