Publications authored by Yolanda C. Lin

Asia’s looming Black Elephant events

Yolanda C. Lin, Adam Switzer, David Lallemant, Gordon Woo, Jenkins SF, Sarica GM, et al.
2021 Communications Earth & Environment 2

Filling the Disaster Data Gap: Lessons from Cataloging Singapore’s Past Disasters

Yolanda C. Lin, David Lallemant, Feroz Khan, & Susanna F. Jenkins
2021 International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Modeling Downward Counterfactual Events: Unrealized Disasters and why they Matter

Yolanda C. Lin, David Lallemant, Gordon Woo, Jun Rui Chow, Sébastien Biass, & Susanna F. Jenkins
2020 Frontiers in Earth Science: Geohazards and Georisks 8

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