In this section you can find maps displaying EOS research and results in and around Southeast Asia. These maps may be used providing the users give credit to EOS. 

Map showing  the Tertiary deformation of Asia, from Tapponnier et al, Geology, 1982

Map showing the segmentation of the Sumatra Fault Zone (SFZ) and historical earthquakes. The SFZ has generated many historical earthquakes with magnitude ≥7 (Sieh and Natawidjaja, 2000)

Map of the "Ring of Fire" showing volcanoes, seismicity and plate boundaries around the Pacific Ocean.

Monitoring instruments network on Mayon volcano, Philippines. Mayon is one of EOS Lab Volcanoes.

Major tectonic structures around Mayon volcano (southeast Luzon, Philippines): central segment of the Philippine fault and the major fault splays identified south and north of it (after 

Tectonic interpretation of the different neotectonic domains of Myanmar.

Dark red lines show Sumatran fault zone (after Sieh and Natawidjaja, 2000); red line with teeth shows

Map of Myanmar, Bangladesh and surrounding regions.

This map of Southeast Asia shows the volcanoes with historical eruptions (less than 10 000 years old).


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