GeoPad is a GIS app for iPad (download it here) developed by Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Its combination of data import and management along with editing capabilities makes it an extremely capable mobile GIS solution.

GeoPad is developed using ESRI ArcGIS API for iOS and is fully integrated with ArcGIS online cloud service. Click on the image below to download GeoPad  to your iPad.

Loaded with Powerful features:

  • Accurate Drawing:

Will be able to draw freehand on the map and then save/email the drawing to any email address.

  • Integration with Cloud Service:

Integration with ESRI ArcGIS online cloud service makes it much simpler to import and export data wherever you are.

  • Collection of Basemaps:

Nine different Basemaps to choose from allows visualization of data much easier.

  • GeoTagging:

No need to rely on third party apps for Geotagging your photos. GeoPad allows you to Geotag your photos on location that you choose by tapping on the map.

  • Offline Maps:

This powerful feature allows the user to save maps to the app using iTunes and later offline access and viewing.

  • Map legend and map description
  • Feature attribute information
  • A geocoder service
  • Measure point to point
  • 3D viewer for ParaView  data
  • Ability to email map screenshots

Along with these features, GeoPad also has a reset feature, a GPS tracking system and various other features which will appeal to both GIS and non GIS specialists. It works as a perfect travel companion app for your scientific and recreation trips.

GeoPad can be downloaded here