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Wang T, Wei S, Shi X, Qiu Q, Li L, Peng D, Weldon, II RJ, Barbot S.  2018.  The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake: Simultaneous rupture of the subduction interface and overlying faults. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 482(44-51)
Barbot S.  2018.  Deformation of a Half-Space from Anelastic Strain Confined in a Tetrahedral Volume. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 108(5A):2687-2712.
Karato S-ichiro, Barbot S.  2018.  Dynamics of fault motion and the origin of contrasting tectonic style between Earth and Venus. Scientific Reports. 8(1)
Rollins C, Avouac J-P, Landry W, Argus D, Barbot S.  2018.  Interseismic Strain Accumulation on Faults Beneath Los Angeles, California. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 123(8):7126-7150.
Veedu DM, Barbot S.  2018.  Joint Workshop on Slow Earthquakes. International Joint Workshop on Slow Earthquakes 2018.
Wang T, Shi Q, Nikkhoo M,