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Wang Y, Wei S, Wang X, Lindsey EO, Tongkul F, Tapponnier P, Bradley KE, Chan C-H, Hill EM.  2017.  The 2015 Mw 6.0 Mt. Kinabalu earthquake: an infrequent fault rupture within the Crocker fault system of East Malaysia. Geoscience Letters.
Salman R, Hill EM, Wei S, Lindsey EO, Bradley KE, Muzli, Feng L.  2017.  Analysis of the 2016 Aceh Mw 6.5 strike-slip earthquake using joint inversion of InSAR and tele seismic data. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 14th Annual Meeting.
Meltzner AJ, Switzer AD, Horton BP, Ashe E, Qiu Q, Hill DF, Bradley SL, Kopp RE, Hill EM, Majewski JM et al..  2017.  Half-metre sea-level fluctuations on centennial timescales from mid-Holocene corals of Southeast Asia. Nature Communications. 8(14387)
Bradley KE, Feng L, Hill EM, Natawidjaja DH, Sieh K.  2017.  Implications of the diffuse deformation of the Indian Ocean lithosphere for slip partitioning of oblique plate convergence in Sumatra. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 122(1):572-591.
Salman R, Hill EM, Feng L, Lindsey EO, Veedu DM, Barbot S, Banerjee P, Hermawan I, Natawidjaja DH.  2017.  Piecemeal rupture of the Mentawai patch, Sumatra: The 2008 Mw 7.2 North Pagai earthquake sequence. Journal of Geophysical Research.
Monecke K, Meilianda E, Walstra D-J, Hill EM, McAdoo BG, Qiu Q, Storms JEA, Masputri A S, Mayasari C D, Nasir M et al..  2017.  Postseismic coastal development in Aceh, Indonesia - Field observations and numerical modeling. Marine Geology. 392:94-104.
Morgan PM, Feng L, Meltzner AJ, Lindsey EO, Tsang LLH, Hill EM.  2017.  Sibling earthquakes generated within a persistent rupture barrier on the Sunda megathrust under Simeulue Island. Geophysical Research Letters. 44:2159–2166.