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Rubin C M, Horton BP, Sieh KE, Pilarczyk JE, Daly P, Ismail N, Parnell AC.  2017.  Highly variable recurrence of tsunamis in the 7,400 years before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Nature Communications. 8(16019)
Garner AJ, Mann ME, Emanuel KA, Kopp RE, Lin N, Alley RB, Horton BP, DeConto RM, Donnelly JP, Pollard D.  2017.  Impact of climate change on New York City's coastal flood hazard: Increasing flood heights from the preindustrial to 2300 CE. Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States of America. 114(45):11861-11866.
Horton BP, Milker Y, Dura T, Wang K, Bridgeland WT, Brophy L, Ewald M, Khan NS, Engelhart SE, Nelson AR et al..  2017.  Microfossil measures of rapid sea-level rise: Timing of response of two microfossil groups to a sudden tidal-flooding experiment in Cascadia. Geology. 45(6):535-538.
Rubin C M, Horton BP, Sieh KE, Pilarczyk JE, Daly P, Ismail N, Parnell AC.  2017.  Perulangan tsunami yang sangat bervariasi dalam 7400 tahun sebelum Tsunami Samudera Hindia 2004.
Majewski JM, Switzer AD, Parham PR, Bradley SL, Pile J, Horton BP, Meltzner AJ, Wang X, Chiang H-W, Ng C T et al..  2017.  Relative Sea Level Proxy Records From Fossil Coral Microatolls In Western Borneo, South China Sea: Sea-level Stability By 7 Ka And Possible Holocene Faulting.. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 14th Annual Meeting.
Parham PR, Horton BP, Shaw TA, Meltzner AJ.  2017.  Rock-encrusting oysters as paleo-sea-level indicators, Southeast Asia. IGCP Project 639 - Sea Level Change from Minutes to Millennia.
Hong I, Pilarczyk JE, Horton BP, Fritz HM, Kosciuch TJ, Wallace DJ, Dike C, Rarai A, Harrison MJ, Jockley FR.  2017.  Sedimentological characteristics of the 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam overwash sediments from Vanuatu, South Pacific. Marine Geology. 396:205-214.
Dura T, Horton BP, Cisternas M, Ely LL, Hong I, Nelson AR, Wesson RL, Pilarczyk JE, Parnell AC, Nikitina D.  2017.  Subduction zone slip variability during the last millennium, south-central Chile. Quaternary Science Reviews. 175:112-137.
Kemp AC, Wright AJ, Barnett RL, Hawkes AD, Charman DJ, Sameshima C, King AN, Mooney HC, Edwards RJ, Horton BP et al..  2017.  Utility of salt-marsh foraminifera, testate amoebae and bulk-sediment δ13C values as sea-level indicators in Newfoundland, Canada. Marine Micropaleontology. 130:43-59.
Hong I, Dura T, Ely LL, Horton BP, Nelson AR, Cisternas M, Nikitina DL, Wesson RL.  2016.  A 600-year-long stratigraphic record of high tsunamis in south-central Chile. Holocene. 27(1):39-51.
Dura T, Hemphill-Haley E, Sawai Y, Horton BP.  2016.  The application of diatoms to reconstruct the history of subduction zone earthquakes and tsunamis. Earth-Science Reviews. 152:181-197.
Kopp RE, Broccoli A, Horton BP, Kreeger D, Leichenko R, Miller JA, Miller JK, Orton P, Parris A, Robinson DA et al..  2016.  Assessing New Jersey's Exposure to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Storms: Report of the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance Science and Technical Advisory Panel. .
Cahill N, Kemp AC, Horton BP, Parnell AC.  2016.  A Bayesian hierarchical model for reconstructing relative sea level: from raw data to rates of change.. Climate of the Past. 12:525-542.
Love R, Milne GA, Tarasov L, Engelhart SE, Hijma MP, Latychev K, Horton BP, Törnqvist TE.  2016.  The contribution of glacial isostatic adjustment to projections of sea-level change along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America. Earth's Future. 4(10):440-464.
Milker Y, Nelson AR, Horton BP, Engelhart SE, Bradley L-A, Witter RC.  2016.  Differences in coastal subsidence in southern Oregon (USA) during at least six megathrust earthquakes. Quaternary Science Reviews. 142:143-163.
Culver SJ, Farrell KM, Mallinson DJ, Willard DA, Horton BP, Riggs SR, Thieler E R, Wehmiller JF, Parham PR.  2016.  Micropaleontologic record of Pliocene and Quaternary paleoenvironments in the southern Albemarle Embayment, North Carolina, U.S.A. . Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 457:360–379.
Pilarczyk JE, Horton BP, Soria JLA, Switzer AD, Siringan FP, Fritz HM, Khan NS, Ildefonso SR, Doctor AA, Garcia ML.  2016.  Micropaleontology of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan deposit from the Leyte Gulf, Philippines.. Sedimentary Geology. 339:104-114.
Bradley SL, Milne GA, Horton BP, Zong Y.  2016.  Modelling sea level data from China and Malay-Thailand to estimate Holocene ice-volume equivalent sea level change. Quaternary Science Reviews. 137:54-68.
Düsterhus A, Rovere A, Carlson AE, Horton BP, Klemann V, Tarasov L, Barlow NLM, Bradwell T, Clark J, Dutton A et al..  2016.  Palaeo sea-level and ice-sheet databases: problems, strategies and perspectives. . Climate of the Past. 12(4):911-921.
Sawai Y, Horton BP, Kemp AC, Hawkes AD, Nagumo T, Nelson AR.  2016.  Relationships between diatoms and tidal environments in Oregon and Washington, USA. Diatom Research. 31(1):17-38.
Hawkes AD, Kemp AC, Donnelly JP, Horton BP, Peltier W R, Cahill N, Ashe E, Alexander CR.  2016.  Relative sea-level change in northeastern Florida (USA) during the last ∼8.0 ka. Quaternary Science Reviews. 142:90-101.
Dura T, Engelhart SE, Vacchi M, Horton BP, Kopp RE, Peltier W R, Bradley SL.  2016.  The Role of Holocene Relative Sea-Level Change in Preserving Records of Subduction Zone Earthquakes. Current Climate Change Reports. 2(3):86-100.
Kopp RE, Kemp AC, Bittermann K, Horton BP, Donnelly JP, Gehrels W R, Hay CC, Mitrovica JX, Morrow ED, Rahmstorf S.  2016.  Temperature-driven global sea-level variability in the Common Era. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 113(11):E1441.