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Riva M, Chen Y, Zhang Y, Lei Z, Olson N, Boyer H, Narayan S, Yee L, Green H, Cui T et al..  2019.  Increasing Isoprene Epoxydiol-to-Inorganic Sulfate Aerosol Ratio Results in Extensive Conversion of Inorganic Sulfate to Organosulfur Forms: Implications for Aerosol Physicochemical Properties. Environmental Science & Technology. 53(15):8682-8694.
Kiely L, Spracklen D, Wiedinmyer C, Conibear L, Reddington C, Archer-Nicholls S, Lowe D, Arnold S, Knote C, Khan M F et al..  2019.  New estimate of particulate emissions from Indonesian peat fires in 2015. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 19:11105-11121.
Lee W-C, Chen J, Budisulistiorini S H, Itoh M, Shiodera S, Kuwata M.  2019.  Polarity-Dependent Chemical Characteristics of Water-Soluble Organic Matter from Laboratory-Generated Biomass-Burning Revealed by 1-Octanol-Water Partitioning. Environmental Science and Technology. 53(14)
O'Brien RE, Ridley KJ, Canagaratna MR, Jayne JT, Croteau PL, Worsnop DR, Budisulistiorini S H, Surratt JD, Follett CL, Repeta DJ et al..  2019.  Ultrasonic nebulization for the elemental analysis of microgram-level samples with offline aerosol mass spectrometry. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 12:1659-1671.
Schmedding R, Ma M, Zhang Y, Farrell S, Pye H, Chen Y, Wang C-tsan, Rasool Q, Budisulistiorini S H, Ault A et al..  2019.  α-Pinene-Derived organic coatings on acidic sulfate aerosol impacts secondary organic aerosol formation from isoprene in a box model. Atmospheric Environment. 213:456-462.