EOS Principle Investigators and research staff have received at least 20 prestigious fellowships:

YearPrincipal InvestigatorFellowship
2020Benjamin HortonAXA Professorship
2020Perrine HamelNRF Fellowship 
2019Emma HillNRF Investigatorship 
2019Karen LythgoeNTU Presidential Postdoctoral
2019Aron MeltznerNRF Fellowship 
2018David LallemantNRF Fellowship 
2018Keven RoyCommonwealth Fellowship 
2017Fidel CostaNRF Investigatorship 
2017Shi XuhuaAXA Fellowship 
2016Li Lin LinAXA Fellowship 
2016Caroline Bouvet de MaisonneuveNRF Fellowship 
2014Isaac KerlowAXA Fellowship 
2013Judith HubbardNRF Fellowship 
2013Mikinori KuwataNRF Fellowship 
2013Sylvian BarbotNRF Fellowship 
2012Kerry SiehAXA Professorship 
2012Nathalie GoodkinNRF Fellowship 
2011Emma HillNRF Fellowship 
2011Wang XianfengNRF Fellowship 
2010Adam SwitzerNRF Fellowship 


EOS Principal Investigators and research staff have received over 30 academic awards:

2023Edward ParkNanyang Research Award (Young Investigator)
2022Adam SwitzerAOGS Wing Ip Medal
2021 Benoit Taisne Nanyang Education Award
2021 Kyle Bradley Nanyang Education Award
2021 Perrine Hamel NTU EdeX (Education) Grant
2021 Benjamin Horton Mentor for the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort
2021 Yan Yu Ting Merit Prize, 2020 College of Science Art Competition
2020 EOS United Nations GEO Sustainable Development Goals Award
2020 Sebastien Biasse Geological Society of America Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, & Volcanology Early Career
2020 Benjamin Horton Member of World Climate Research Programme Grand Challenge on Regional Sea-level Change and Coastal Impacts
2020 Judith Hubbard NTU Nanyang Education Award
2020 Deepa Mele Veedu NTU Graduate College Research Excellence Award
2020 Yan Yu Ting Micropalaeontological Society Image Competition Winner
2019 Benjamin Horton Geological Society of America John C. Frye Environmental Geology Award
2019 Benjamin Horton NTU President’s Chair in Earth Sciences
2019 Emma Hill, Fidel Costa NTU Provost’s Chair in Earth Sciences
2019 Benoit Taisne NTU Nanyang Education Award
2019 Benoit Taisne NTU Accelerating Creativity and Excellence Award
2019 Maricar Rabonza AOGS Best Student Paper Award
2018 Benjamin Horton Inducted into the World Class Professor Program by the Directorate of Higher Education of Indonesia
2018 Benjamin Horton AGU Fellow
2018 Kerry Sieh Honorary Membership, Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
2018 Paul Tapponnier AOGS Axford Medal
2018 Stephen Chua AGU Fall Meeting 2018 Outstanding Student Poster Award
2018 Li Weiran Alex EMPG16 Conference Best Student Presentation
2018 David Lallemant “Collaborative Data Innovations for Sustainable Development” Award (World Bank)
2017 Kerry Sieh AAAS Fellow
2017 Nanjundiah Priyamvada AOGS 2017 Best Student Poster
2016 Mikinori Kuwata Japan Society of Atmospheric Chemistry Young Researcher Award
2016 Emma Hill AGU 2016 Geodesy Section Award
2016 Fidel Costa AGU 2016 Natural Hazards Focus Group Award for Graduate Research
2016 Nanjundiah Priyamvada AGU Fall Meeting 2016 Outstanding Student Paper Award
2016 Daniel Krimer Springer Thesis Award
2015 Yudha Setiawan Djamil AOGS 2015 Best Student Poster
2014 Kerry Sieh Seismological Society of America Harry Fielding Reid Medal
2013 Fidel Costa IAVCEI Wager Medal
2013 Koh Tieh-Yong NTU Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching
2012 Kerry Sieh Geological Society of America Outstanding Publication Award

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