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The Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) was created in 2008 with the mission to conduct fundamental research on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and climate change in and around Southeast Asia, toward safer and more sustainable societies.

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Climate Change

Our Climate Group focuses on the unique characteristics of Southeast Asia’s tropical environment. Researchers study sea-level change, air quality, flooding, monsoons, tsunamis, marine environments, weather, and more, gathering much-needed data on climatic forces.

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Risk and Society

The Risk, and Society Group explores the effects of geohazards on the rapidly growing population of Southeast Asia. As cities and settlements grow, so does the need for the team’s expertise. Working intensively in the field, the Risk and Society group brings together scientists and civic leaders.

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Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Over the years, some of the world’s biggest earthquakes have decimated areas of Southeast Asia and taken hundreds of lives. The Tectonics Group studies how and why, mapping webs of active faults hidden under the earth (and, in the case of tsunamis, under the water), and guarding against the dangers they present.

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Volcanic Activity

The volcanoes of Southeast Asia are among the most active and destructive on Earth. The Volcano Group is focused on understanding these enigmatic giants, their impact on the environment and society, and ways to mitigate the hazards they present.

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Centre for Geohazard Observations

The powerful research we do lies in our capacity for collecting, assessing, and sharing data, and the Centre for Geohazard Observations is at the heart of these efforts. The Centre manages the Observatory’s technical assets and oversees the tools that help us monitor the geophysical environment.

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Remote Sensing

We support stakeholders and decision makers by monitoring and mapping hazards and disasters, environmental crises, sea-level rise and climate change using cutting-edge technology in remote sensing.

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Giving to our general scholarship fund, or creating your own named fund, is a philanthropic gift that can offer hope, change lives, and uplift future generations.

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EOS Endowment

Our Endowment fund recognises the long-term nature of the Observatory’s mandate: to protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people vulnerable to geohazard risks across Southeast Asia. Our commitment to supporting these efforts — now and in perpetuity — is the driving force behind this fund.

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