Our Endowment fund recognises the long-term nature of the Observatory’s mandate: to protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people vulnerable to geohazard risks across Southeast Asia.

Our commitment to supporting these efforts — now and in perpetuity — is the driving force behind this fund. Naming opportunities, legacy gifts, planned giving, and donations of every size can support the work of our educators and scientists, impact the connections we make among countries and communities, and offer the promise of a brighter future to students of diverse backgrounds, from Southeast Asia and beyond.

Your contribution can help form the foundation of a strong institution that advances science, scholarship, safety, and policy worldwide. You can give to teams tasked with researching specific geohazards, or help support work focused on a particular region. Unrestricted gifts are particularly valuable, providing the financial infrastructure needed to keep the Observatory growing. 

In this endeavour, as in so many others, our donors are our partners.

Give to the Observatory Endowment and double your impact! Singapore believes in research and education, and will match your gift, multiplying the significance of your generosity and strengthening our ability to work together toward the common good.

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Partner with us to make an impact and create safer, more sustainable societies throughout Southeast Asia.
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