Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment


(+65) 6592 7537

Structural Geology

Active Tectonics, Structural Geology


Judith Hubbard is a structural geologist with a focus on earthquake hazards. She studies geophysical problems ranging in scale from the hazards of particular faults to the construction of the Tibetan Plateau. She incorporates a wide range of datasets in her research, including seismic reflection data (either from the oil and gas industry or personally acquired), well logs, surface geology, rupture maps, and relocated aftershocks. She uses quantitative fault-related folding techniques to interpret these data and develop realistic geometric and kinematic 3D fault models.

Most recently, Judith received the 2019 Nanyang Education Award, the highest honour conferred by Nanyang Technological University to faculty members in the field of teaching.



The Role of Frontal Thrusts in Tsunami Earthquake Generation

Raquel P. Felix, Adam Switzer, James D.P. Moore, & Judith A. Hubbard


Slab Models Beneath Central Myanmar Revealed by a Joint Inversion of Regional and Teleseismic Traveltime Data

Jiayuan Yao, Bor‐Shouh Huang, Judith Hubbard, Meng Chen, Ping Tong, Shaolin Liu, et al.


Building the Himalaya from tectonic to earthquake scales

Luca Dal Zilio, Gyorgy Hetenyi, Judith Hubbard, & Laurent Bollinger

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