BBQ Night with the Crew

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BBQ Night with the Crew


Mr Bisma Jaja Zakaria (left) and Mr Hendra Pachri barbequing kababs.

Last Saturday was barbecue night on the R/V Marion Dufresne, a chance for passengers and crew to mingle, cook their own dinner, and wear flip-flops on the ship’s main work deck, which is normally a safety-shoes-only zone. But rules relax on barbecue night, when everyone stands happily around a pair of open flames, sparks flying in the night as the ship pitches and rolls.

The cooks had prepared side dishes such as rice, as well as plenty of fish, chicken, and beef kababs.

The crew begins preparing shortly after lunch, when everything that can be swept and hosed down is made shipshape. Flags are raised, representing both the ports of call the ship frequents and the nationalities of those on board. And then two horizontal halves of an oil drum are placed at the stern, filled with charcoal, and set ablaze.

To cook on a grill this hot without tools is tricky, but if you lay the end of your stick out of the flame, you can turn your kabab without losing too much hair on your arms.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, the cooks prepare rice, some pasta salad, and lots and lots of kababs in three varieties—beef, chicken, and one of the sweetest, most tender pieces of fish I have ever eaten called legine (actually, just the fish’s cheeks). And then the kitchen crew comes up to the deck and cooks the kababs, but only for themselves, just like everybody else.

While people waited for the coals to cool down, they relaxed and hung out. (From left: Mr Marcus Phua, Ms Sharadha Sathiakumar, Mr Hanjin Choe, and Ms Elodie Duyck.

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