An Exciting Underwater Find from the MIRAGE

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An Exciting Underwater Find from the MIRAGE

Professor Satish Singh (Source: Lester Kok)The MIRAGE research team returned from their month-long expedition, almost two months ago on 30 July 2016, with a great deal of data that was collected directly from the seafloor of the Wharton Basin in the Indian Ocean.

Although most of the data are still being analysed, there is one finding that Professor Satish Singh is happy to share with us now.

“On this expedition, we were successful in fully mapping a large seamount,” said Prof Singh, a visiting professor at the Earth Observatory of Singapore from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. “It is always exciting to see an underwater mountain because that feature means that there is crustal material melting below.

“What I mean is this – to create a seamount, there must be melted material that is being brought up to the Earth’s surface, much like the formation of a volcano. Therefore, the seamount indicates that there is a heating system in that location.

“The heat from the seamount means that this warm environment, along with the presence of minerals, are likely to form an ideal ecosystem for various types of living creatures.

"For example,” he added, “You might expect to see a lot of fish living around the seamount, which would be a great thing for fishermen in the nearby communities.”

For more on the findings from the MIRAGE expedition, please click on the videos below.





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