Kick-off and Media Gathering for the MIRAGE Research Cruise

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Kick-off and Media Gathering for the MIRAGE Research Cruise

At a three-hour event on 28 June 2016, more than 40 representatives from partnering research institutes, ministries, embassies, and media outlets gathered at the headquarters of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in central Jakarta.
The opening address was given by Prof-Dr Iskandar Zulkarnain, Chairman of LIPI. The Kick-Off and Media Gathering event was held in the LIPI headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 28 June 2016. Photo by Shireen Federico 
They were there to support the commencement of the 1st ASEAN IOC-WESTPAC Indian Ocean Floating Summer School on Marine Geoscience and Geohazard, as well as the Marine Investigation of the Rupture Anatomy of the 2012 Great Earthquake (MIRAGE) research cruise. Both will be held on board the largest-ever French research vessel, the Marion Dufresne.
Dr Helene Leau, Head of the Oceanography department at the Institut Polaire Français Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV), highlighted the advanced technological capabilities of the vessel, as well as the ship's renowned performance in rough seas.
Dr Helene Leau from IPEV spoke about the advanced technological capabilities of the research vessel, Marion Dufresne. Photo by Shireen Federico
Professor Paul Tapponnier, Tectonics Group Leader at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), and Dr Nugroho Dwi Hananto, a marine geophysicist and Chief Scientist at LIPI, both spoke about the importance and implications of a research study as intriguing as the MIRAGE.
Prof Paul Tapponnier presenting on the Marine Investigation of the Epicentral Zone of the 2012 Great Strike-Slip Earthquake in the Wharton Basin of the Indian Ocean. Photo by Shireen Federico 
Dr Nugroho Dwi Hananto, Chief Scientist at LIPI. Photo by Shireen Federico
The other speakers that afternoon included the Chairman of LIPI, Prof-Dr Iskandar Zulkarnian, Representative of BAPPENAS, Mr Ahmad Dading Gunadi, and Representative of the Kemenristek Dikti, Dr Sadjuga.
The event then ended with an informal dinner session where the delegates, scientists, and members of the media came together to mingle and discuss the MIRAGE and Summer School further.


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