M 6.2 Earthquake Strikes off Lombok Coast

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M 6.2 Earthquake Strikes off Lombok Coast


A magnitude-6.2 earthquake occurred about 300 km southeast of Bali Island on 9 June 2016 at approximately 12.13pm (Singapore Time). Its epicentre is estimated to be close to the Java Trench front with a shallow focal depth from the global seismic network.

Tremors from the magnitude-6.2 earthquake could be felt in Bali and eastern Java, but no immediate casualties were reported (Source: US Geological Survey)

Although the tremors from this earthquake were felt by people in Bali and eastern Java, more than 400 km from the epicentre, it is not likely that this earthquake will generate a major tsunami event in Indonesia based on the current estimation of its magnitude.

The Java Trench is located at the southeastern extension of the Sunda Trench, where the Australian plate subducts beneath other tectonic plates along Java and the Lesser Sunda Island. In the past century, the Java Trench has produced more than four major earthquakes, including the M 7.8 earthquake in 1994, west of the current earthquake’s epicentre.



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