Changing Ocean Asia

The new documentary series Changing Ocean Asia explores four key themes around the impacts of the changing ocean. Narrated by Dr Sylvia Earle, the documentary also looks at the challenges and solutions that are being explored by scientists at the Earth Observatory of Singapore as well as governments and businesses.

Documentary episodes

Episode 1
Engineering Solutions to Higher Sea Levels in Asia

In this episode, Professor Benjamin Horton, Director of EOS, discusses the impact of sea-level rise in Singapore and the region.

Read the accompanying blog post, 'How rising sea level can affect Southeast Asia'.


Episode 2
Super Corals are Resisting Climate Change

Assistant Professor Kyle Morgan explores the role coral reefs play in ocean health locally and globally and why ocean health is critical for our own survival.

Read the accompanying blog post 'Why resilient urban coral reefs could hold the key to future ocean health in Southeast Asia'.

Episode 3

Extreme Weather. Powerful Tsunamis.

In this post, Associate Professor Adam Switzer and Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard look at extreme weather events and how we can protect our ports.

Read the accompanying blog post 'How to protect our ports and global trade from storm surges and tsunamis in a changing climate'.


Episode 4
Why are cities in Southeast Asia sinking?

In this episode, Associate Professor Emma Hill discusses the drivers behind sinking cities in Southeast Asia.

Read Assoc Prof Hill's accompanying blog post 'Why are cities in Southeast Asia sinking?'.

Podcast episodes

Tune in to the Changing Ocean Asia podcast series, where EOS Principal Investigators discuss each episode's key theme.

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