Petrology Workspace & Database

Petrology Workspace & Database

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  • Seminar


ASE 3D Visualisation Laboratory (N2-B1c-16c)


24 August, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:00

About the Event: 

Petrological investigations require large amounts of data that range from the specimens’ geographic location to detailed geochemical analyses. The different levels of information and the lack of standardization in data archives can pose significant challenges for collaboration between scientists and sustainability of the projects. We present a new interactive Petrology Workspace & Database (PWD) that aims to create a platform for data archiving, visualization and sharing. Where users can interactively input, organize and explore data from the workspace. Furthermore, the PWD data management system allows for compilation of multi-level datasets that hierarchically links different data files. For example, a crystal backscattered electron image can be linked to an X-Ray compositional map or to a file containing compositional analyses. The system will display the location of the analyses on the image and selected data plots that show compositional variations along the traverse. The samples are link to geographic locations, and in the case of volcanic rocks, they are also associated to specific volcanoes and eruptions. This allows data hierarchy within the PWD and facilitates data query, which is done from an interactive map that displays volcano locations around the world. The system can be also used for other types of rocks and petrological projects. The PWD supports different levels of authorization and access control. A project shared among collaborators can only be modified and/organized by authorized users. Moreover, project data packages can be downloaded for offline data exchange. A standalone version of this platform is also available.

About the Speaker: 

Dayana Schonwalder

Dayana has been at EOS since 2014. She is currently working as a research fellow for Dr. Kerry Sieh's group and is involved in several projects. She is working on aspects of petrology and GIS related to the search for the impact crater of the Australasian tektites. She is also working with Dr. Fidel Costa's research group, developing an interactive workspace and database to standardize data archiving and facilitate data sharing.  Dayana obtained her PhD in 2015 from SUNY at Buffalo, working with Dr. Joaquin Cortes. Her PhD research focused upon the petrogenetic characterization of scoria cones associated with major stratovolcanoes. Dayana completed her BSc in Geology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has worked in Colombia with Guatativa Gold Corporation as a junior exploration geologist and co-founded GMAS S.A.S. a consultancy-service-laboratory company for the oil and mining industry in 2007.

24 Aug 2018

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