"Social Science" at The Earth Observatory

"Social Science" at The Earth Observatory

Event Type: 

  • Seminar


5 June, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:00

About the Event: 

"Social Science" at The Earth Observatory (EOS) is an introductory seminar convened to raise awareness of social scientists working at EOS and adjacent institutes at NTU Singapore. The goal is to assist EOS staff, working across the earth and climate sciences, to better understand what social science is, how social scientists work (i.e., their methods), and how these practitioners relate to and research geohazards. To do this, the seminar brings together an interdisciplinary cohort of historians, anthropologists, science and technology studies scholars, and social research practitioners to discuss their current research projects and methodologies.


  • Yuti Fatimah, PhD, is an Anthropologist & Science Studies Scholar and Research Fellow at the Coupled Human and Natural Systems Lab at EOS
  • Sravani Biswas, PhD, is a Historian and Research Fellow at EOS
  • Juniator Tulius, Ph.D., is an Anthropologist and Research Fellow at the Center for Geohazard Observations at EOS
  • Feroz Khan is a Social Scientist and Project Officer at the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab at EOS
  • Andrew Moon is an Anthropologist and Science Studies researcher and Visiting PhD Student at EOS

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