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15 Aug 2019

Famous explorer, American oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle, will be delivering a keynote address at a special symposium held today, at Nanyang Technological University, Singap

31 Jul 2019

Since 2012, EOS has had a presence at the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), with 'Earth: Our Untamed Planet' exhibition.

09 Jul 2019

On 5 July 2019 at 1.33am (Singapore time), a Mw 6.4 earthquake struck the town of Ridgecrest in California. Its seismic waves could be felt from Los Angeles to San Jose. Nearly a day and a half...

27 Jun 2019

Social media has found itself a heavyweight role in geology.

11 Jun 2019

Have you got a poster presentation coming up and don’t know how to prepare for it ? We’ve got three award-winners here to help you – Ms Priyamvada Nanjundiah (Priya), Mr Yudha Setiawan Djamil, and...