Judith and Isaac Chat about the Ratu River Film on 938LIVE

08 Jun 2016

For Judith Hubbard, Principal Investigator of the structural geology group and Assistant Professor at the Asian School of the Environment, this was her very first radio interview ever. It was little wonder then that she was feeling slightly jittery. On the other hand, Professor Isaac Kerlow, Principal Investigator of the Art+Media Group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, was the perfect picture of composure and confidence for he is quite the veteran at radio interviews and other media appearances.


Both Asst Prof Judith Hubbard and Prof Isaac Kerlow were happy to be at the MediaCorp 938LIVE studio to share their thoughts about the research project on the Main Frontal Thrust that cuts across the Ratu River in Nepal, and the process of filming the documentary (Source: Shireen Federico)


Held today in MediaCorp’s 938LIVE studio where The Culture Café radio show was recorded, Asst Prof Hubbard and Prof Kerlow were interviewed for The Ratu River Expedition film. The 25-minute “live” interview, which coincidentally lasted as long as the film itself, was split into two segments. The first focused on the research project and the second was on the film-making process.


Asst Prof Hubbard fielded questions on the science and operational technicalities behind the study, and how such a film could help the people of Nepal deal with the issues that come with a devastating earthquake. Questions regarding the artistry and techniques used to bring together the science and the arts were answered by Prof Kerlow.


Please click here to listen to Asst Prof Hubbard discuss her research project in Nepal. To listen to Prof Kerlow share his experience on working with Asst Prof Hubbard and her team, please click here and here.


The film was screened to a private audience at the Science Centre Singapore in May; click here to view photos of the event.


UPDATE 28 June 2016: The full interview can be found on our Soundcloud page.


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