Tips for Giving a Winning Poster Presentation

11 Jun 2019

Have you got a poster presentation coming up and don’t know how to prepare for it ? We’ve got three award-winners here to help you – Ms Priyamvada Nanjundiah (Priya), Mr Yudha Setiawan Djamil, and Ms Regine Tiong Hui Yi.

From left: Ms Priyamvada Nanjundiah (Priya), Ms Regine Tiong Hui Yi, and Mr Yudha Setiawan Djamil (Source: Rachel Siao/Earth Observatory of Singapore)

Priya, a PhD student at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), was one of the winners of the American Geophysical Union’s Outstanding Student Paper Awards in 2016. She also won Best Student Poster at 2017’s Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS). Yudha, also a PhD student at EOS, had won the Best Student Poster at AOGS back in 2015. This year in 2019, Regine, who is doing her undergraduate studies at the Asian School of the Environment, was awarded the Best Poster at NTU’s URECA (Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus) poster competition.

After trudging through all the work, worry, and stress of putting together an award-winning poster presentation, they are delighted to be able to share some tips and insights with you. 


Be Prepared

“Read up as much as you can on the work that you are presenting.” – Priya

“I spent time explaining my research project to my friends and making sure that they understood it.” – Regine 


Know Where to Stand

“Position yourself well. Don’t block your own poster.” – Yudha


Make It Your Own

“Finding my own presentation style was a challenge, and to tailor a style that would suit my poster was even more difficult. I am grateful to the professors I work with and to Mr Pavel Adamek (a Language and Communication Specialist at EOS) for guiding me through that process.” – Priya 


Be Welcoming to All

“At a conference in Europe, I wanted to approach a scientist to discuss his poster. Throughout the five days of the conference, he was there explaining it to someone else.Every time I went back, he was still talking about it to someone else. I had no chance to speak to him.So do try to accommodate everyone because no one wants to feel ignored.” – Yudha


Own It

“Be confident. Remind yourself that it is your work after all and you know it best!” – Regine


For more from Priya, Yudha, and Regine, please click on the video below. 

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