New Faculty members join EOS

New Faculty members join EOS

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01 Aug 2012

Nathalie Goodkin, Judith Hubbard, Sylvain Barbot and Benoit Taisne joined EOS as Principal Investigators to strengthen EOS’ Climate, Tectonics and Volcano groups.

  • Dr. Goodkin holds the concurrent position of Associate Professor at NTU (Division of Earth Sciences) and is a NRF fellow. Her research focuses on improving our understanding of the impacts of anthropogenic CO2 emissions and chemical contaminants on climate and oceans.
  • Drs. Hubbard, Barbot and Taisne have been appointed Assistant Professors at DES. Dr. Hubbard specialises in earthquake hazards and faults geometry. Dr. Barbot studies lithosphere faulting mechanisms, and models earthquakes cycles along plate boundaries. Dr. Taisne studies magma transport and volcanic processes through field data analysis.

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