New seismic vibration truck at EOS

New seismic vibration truck at EOS

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30 Jul 2013

NTU Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard, Principal Investigator at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, received her new seismic vibration truck this morning on the NTU campus.

The "IVI Envirovibe" will be used to image active faults in the subsurface in key places like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This new – and huge – machine will operate in combination with a set of geophones to detect ground vibrations after they pass through the subsurface. These data will be processed to provide high-resolution seismic reflection profiles that will enable Dr. Hubbard’s team and the EOS Tectonics Group to unravel fault behaviour and fold growth in seismically active and densely populated regions.

Fieldwork with this seismic vibration truck will commence in Nepal in November 2013, focusing on the Main Frontal Thrust, one of the main faults responsible for the Himalayan orogeny.



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