Short course on interpreting seismic data reflection

Short course on interpreting seismic data reflection

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29 Jul 2013

Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard led two short courses on seismic reflection data interpretation in Singapore and in Bangladesh. With new equipment coming soon - Dr. Hubbard just acquired a seismic vibration truck with her National Research Foundation grant - the aim of the courses was to teach post-docs and students at EOS and future collaborators in Bangladesh how to analyze and interpret the seismic datasets this machine will provide.

The courses were primarily in guided exercise format, with participants directly interpreting high-quality seismic reflection imagery using quantitative techniques. A dozen EOS researchers and students participated in the 3 day-course in Singapore, and about fifteen collaborators, students, and employees of Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration & Production Company Limited (BAPEX) attended the same course in Dhaka University's Geology Department in Bangladesh.

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