Two new NRF Fellows at EOS

Two new NRF Fellows at EOS

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10 Jan 2013

Assistant Professors Judith Hubbard and Sylvain Barbot received in January 2013 the prestigious Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowships. That brings a total number of six NRF Fellows at EOS on the 64 fellowships awarded since 2007. Both of them were appointed as Assistant Professors and Principal Investigators at DES and EOS in summer 2012.

Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard, a structural geologist with a focus on earthquake hazards, will conduct wide-ranging research on the active faults in Southeast Asia and in the Himalayas.

Assistant Professor Sylvain Barbot, a geophysicist interested in the earthquake mechanics will augment our understanding of the Sunda megathrust, the closest earthquake-prone region to Singapore.

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