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The World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO), with major support from the Earth Observatory of Singapore, is developing a web-accessible database of seismic, geodetic, gas, hydrologic, and other unrest from volcanoes around the world. This database, WOVOdat, is intended for reference during volcanic crises, comparative studies, basic research on pre-eruption processes, teaching, and outreach. Data are already processed to have physical meaning, e.g. earthquake hypocenters rather than voltages or arrival times, and are historical rather than real-time, ranging in age from a few days to several decades. Data from >900 episodes of unrest covering >75 volcanoes are already accessible. Users can visualize and compare changes from one episode of unrest or from one volcano to the next. As the database grows more complete, users will be able to analyze patterns of unrest in the same way that epidemiologists study the spatial and temporal patterns and associations among diseases. WOVOdat was opened for station and data visualization in August 2013, and now includes utilities for data downloads and Boolean searches. Many more data sets are being added, as well as utilities interfacing to new applications, e.g., the construction of event trees. For more details, please see www.wovodat.org.

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