The Coupled Human and Natural Systems Lab (CHNS-Lab) is interested in developing research questions that address pertinent environmental challenges in Asia. We are interested in developing research questions that address pertinent environmental challenges in Asia. In the last few decades, Asia's rapid development has brought about large economic benefits. However, not all aspects of society gain from these benefits. Asia's development has also come at a cost to the environment. Here at the CHNS-Lab, we focus on understanding the processes, mechanisms and consequences of land-use and land-cover change in tropical agricultural landscapes through field-based research and desktop analyses. We use a combination of socioeconomic datasets and geospatial information, and analyse this data using statistical models. We aim to derive a deeper understanding of complex socio-ecological systems in the region, and use our research outputs to support policies towards sustainability.


Deforestation Risks in Commodity Supply Chains

The production of agricultural commodities such as soy, beef, and palm oil, is linked to distal cons...
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Data Analytics for Land-Use Processes

Observations of land-use processes are constantly made through the use of sensors in the sky and on ...
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Conservation of forests and wildlife in human-modified landscapes

Deforestation threatens wildlife populations by removing their habitats, reducing their range sizes ...
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Environmental impacts of dam development

Dam construction in Southeast Asia is often tainted with controversy due to lax environmental impact...
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Dam construction in hazard-prone regions in Southeast Asia

We aim to quantify current and potential environmental impacts of dams on river basins in Southeast ...
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A systematic literature review on the impact of tropical cyclones on rice agriculture in Asia

Our research project aims to understand the impacts of tropical cyclones on rice agriculture by esti...
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Tropical Peatland Management and Restoration

The transboundary haze pollution is a major source of air pollution to Southeast Asian nations. At t...
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Selected Publications

Year 2021

The value of China's ban on wildlife trade and consumption

Lian Pin Koh, Janice S.H. Lee, & Yuhan Li

Year 2021

Using theory and evidence to design behaviour change interventions for reducing unsustainable wildlife consumption

Hunter Doughty, Diogo Veríssimo, E J. Milner‐Gulland, Janice S.H. Lee, & Kathryn Oliver

Year 2021

Interacting effects of land-use change and natural hazards on rice agriculture in the Mekong and Red River deltas in Vietnam

Kai Wan Yuen, Adam Switzer, Janice S.H. Lee, Paul Teng, Tang Thi Hanh, & Vu Duong Quynh


Janice Ser Huay LEE

Janice Ser Huay LEE

Principal Investigator

Nur Estya Binte RAHMAN

Nur Estya Binte RAHMAN

Research Associate

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