The Natural Hazards and Society group at EOS, directed by Patrick Daly, explores the intersections between society and hazards in Asia. Our research aims to generate new knowledge and potentially paradigm-shifting insights into the impact of hazards upon societies (past and present), post-disaster reconstruction and recovery, and risk, adaptation and resilience. Our work is broadly multi-disciplinary and based upon intensive fieldwork in conjunction with EOS earth scientists, international collaborators, and partners across the region. Our on-going research projects contribute towards academic debates about hazards and society, as well as inform policy on building safer communities in Asia.


Aid Governance, Resilience, and Community-driven Reconstruction in Urban Settlements in the Kathmandu Valley Following the 2015 Earthquake

We investigate how communities and households are recovering, mobilising, and rebuilding in urban ar...
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Urban Reconstruction in Nepal Project

The Urban Reconstruction in Nepal Project studies the strategies being used to rebuild urban settlem...
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Aceh Geohazards Project: Interaction of Geohazards and Settlements through the Past Millennium, Aceh, Indonesia

The Aceh Geohazards Project combines geology, geomorphology, history and archaeology to better under...
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Aftermath of Aid

The Aftermath of Aid (AoA) Project is a collaboration between EOS and the International Centre for A...
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Year 2022

Fluvial and coastal landform changes in the Aceh River delta (northern Sumatra) during the century leading to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Stoil Chapkanski, Adam Switzer, Annika Steuer, Benjamin P. Horton, Bernhard Siemon, Camille Tricot, et al.

Year 2021

Islamisation and the Formation of Vernacular Muslim Material Culture in 15th-Century Northern Sumatra

R Michael Feener, Edwards McKinnon, Jessica Rahardjo, Kerry Sieh, Luca E.C. Lum, Nazli Ismail, et al.

Year 2021

Gender Differences in Resident Perceptions of Singapore's Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

Patrick Daly, Benjamin P. Horton, Caroline Brassard, Jamie W. McCaughey, Laavanya Kathiravelu, & Reuben Ng

The Team

Patrick DALY

Patrick DALY

Senior Research Fellow

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